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Dunedin High School



















































































Extracurricular Activities


The Dunedin High School NJROTC Unit offers a variety of extracurricular activities: Drill Team, Color Guard, Academic Team, Rifle Team, and Athletic Team. Each team provides a positive environment for building leadership skills, teamwork, and self-confidence.





Team Commander:

C/LCDR Michael Accardi,
Armed Regulation: C/LTJG Kyle Sandulli



Front row: Kyle Sandulli, Aaron Rogers, Jay Stoner, Jose Gutierrez, Nick Watton, Patrick Bonelli

Second Row: Michael Accardi, Tyler Patterson, Will Rogers, Sarah Mazzeo, Nick Paloma




Team Commander:

C/LT Stephanie Yang
Unarmed Regulation: C/LTJG Anthony Dawkins



Front row: Anthony Dawkins, Meghan Zipper, Justene, Nick Surratt, Sean Bruck, Robert Scott, Amanda Schmidt, Rosa Baker, Stephanie Yang


We have two drill teams, and armed and an unarmed. The number of cadets varies from year to year. Both teams compete in standard and exhibition routines at drill meets. The standard routine consists of basic movements, which are right out of the cadet field manual. The exhibition routine is a performance of showmanship, displaying originality, and crowd appeal. 






Team Commander:

C/LCDR Aaron Rogers




Front row: Anthony Dawkins, Stephanie Yang, Nick Surratt, Tyler Patterson, Heather Clarke, Sarah Mazzeo, Nick Watton, Rosa Baker

Second Row: Michael Accardi, Patrick Bonelli, Aaron Rogers, Sea Bruck, Kyle Sandulli, Amanda Schmidt


The Color Guard is divided into as many teams as cadet participation requires and is available to all cadets. The Color Guard commander selects Naval Science III and Naval Science II cadets as team captains. Each Color Guard performance consists of four or five members: two guards or rifle bearers, the American flag, the Unit flag, and the Navy Flag. Optional color guards perform at all home football, basketball, and baseball games as well as at various community events by presenting our national ensign to the audience during the national anthem.





Team Commander:

C/LCDR Aaron Rogers



Front row: Meghan Zipper, Stephanie Yang, Sarah Mazzeo, Audrena O’Conner ,Nick Watton, Rosa Baker

Second Row: Anthony Dawkins, Michael Accardi, Aaron Rogers, Sean Bruck, Kyle Sandulli, Amanda Schmidt


The Academic Team prepares and takes tests throughout the year and sponsors the Suncoast Academic Challenge, a postal match used for fundraising. Tests are usually a one hundred question, multiple-choice test based on Naval Science I, II and III, textbooks. The Academic Team also sponsors peer tutoring and tutors students in need at Dunedin Middle School each Thursday.





Team Commander:

 C/LTJG Zach Shannon and C/ENS James Epley



Front row: Nick Watton, Sean Bruck, Nick Surratt, Sarah Mazzeo, Vance Andersen,

Second Row: Zack Shannon, Will Rogers, Jose Guiterrez, Tyler Patterson, Robert Luth


The Rifle Team involves marksmanship or shooting for score. The Rifle Team members must pass a written test that covers range safety and obtain parental consent to shoot. The team uses .177 caliber air rifle to shoot at targets that are 10 meters (33 feet) from the firing line. They shoot in 3 positions: prone, kneeling and standing. The team participates in matches throughout the year. The Unit’s Rifle Team also sponsors a postal match, The Annual Suncoast JROTC Air Rifle Postal Match, which is used to raise funds.





Team Commander:

C/ENS Aaron Minix


The Athletic Team is made up of cadets from each grade level who desire to achieve an optimal level of physical conditioning. The team competes in areas of push-ups, sit-ups, and running events. During training sessions, cadets will participate in activities such as tough football, volleyball, and basketball.




Three Time State Orienteering Championship Winners


Team Commander:

Patrick Bonelli



Front row: Patrick Bonelli, Nick Surratt, Tyler Patterson, Joseph Johnson, Audrena O’Conner, Nick Watton

Second Row: Michael Accardi, Aaron Rogers, Sean Bruck, Robert Scott, Kyle Sandulli


Orienteering is a sport that involves land navigation over unfamiliar terrain using a compass and a topographic map. Orienteering is a challenging individual sport that is fun and rewarding. It involves critical thinking while running through the woods from one point to the other. Training involves using a compass and reading a topographic map.






Back Row: Zack Shannon, Aaron Rogers, Kyle Sandulli, Vance Andersen

Front Row: Stephanie Yang, Anthony Dawkins


Spirit Squad is a squad that travels to drill meets with the unit to provide support and spirit with during the competitions during drill meets and fun days.